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PH Stargazing Spots That You Should Visit


PH Stargazing Spots That You Should Visit


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Stargazing is one of the few relaxing hobbies for anyone, especially night owls who love the evening sky.

Whether you prefer camping, glamping, or are interested in astronomy, the best way to view the stars is to be closer to them.

Experience a more breathtaking view of these heavenly bodies at different stargazing spots in the Philippines.

1. Mount Kulis – Fresno Agro-Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite

If you’re just around Metro Manila and a beginner hiker, then Mount Kulis at Sitio Maysawa of Tanay, Rizal, is the perfect place to start.

This mountain is 620 meters above sea level; it also has a mini-noah ark where you can imagine sailing through the clouds during the day and a beautiful blue evening with a clear sky at night.

It’s worth noting that the mountain was also one of the scenes shot during one of the local long-time evening action shows, “Ang Probinsyano.”

2. Mount Pulag National Park

If you want a bit of a hiking challenge, then Mount Pulag, the second-highest mountain in Luzon, is the best destination for your stargazing bucket list.

Proclaimed as a National Park on February 20, 1987, its preservation has made it a great spot for hikers and stargazers.

With a height of 2,922 meters above sea level, you get to enjoy yourself under a dark sky with millions of stars up close.

3. Mount Napulak

If you’re a Visayan local or an interested tourist who wants to try hiking and stargazing for the first time, then Mount Napulak in Iloilo is where you can start.

This 1,239-meter mountain above sea level has a surprising starry sky, where you are accompanied by its cross, situated on a large rock formation.

If you’re ever a platito or plantita, you’ll find Rafflesia, the second largest flower in the world, as a trophy you can take a picture with.

4. Mount Guiting-guiting

A ‘knife-edged peak’ but a glamorous evening sky is none other than Mount Guiting-guiting in Romblon, which stands as tall as 2,058 meters above sea level.

But take note: reaching the top requires a lot of stamina because of its steepness and rocky trail. While you may get tired, the top is worth it all.

Much like Mt. Napulak, you can discover the mountain’s mass biodiversity; you may stumble across the rare Sibuyan pitcher plant.

5. Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park

Take a moment to be amazed at a bit of purple ombre and a sparkly sky with Mount Kitanglad, standing at 2,899 meters above sea level.

It is one of the four highest mountains in the Philippines and is also the ancestral land of three different ethnic groups: Talaandig, Higaonon, and Bukidnon.

While you wait for the evening sky, you may also find some of the Philippines’ endangered species, such as the Philippine Eagle and Philippine Tarsier.

One important reminder as you hike is to respect the rules of the area and never break off trail with your group, because it’s more fun when you enjoy the twinkling stars together.

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