Monday, September 25, 2023


5 Local Musicals To Watch This Month

Looking for drama, comedy, or history? Check out these musicals that you can watch alone or together with friends and family.

Pinay To Get Over Php387,000 Per Month For 25 Years After Winning The...

Filipina Freilyn Angob’s life-changing win in Emirates Draw’s FAST5 game brings financial relief and wedding dreams to reality.

Eastern Samar Opens The 2023 NextGen Pilipinas Surfing Event, Boosting Tourism

Guiuan’s Calicoan Odyssey Waves! A 7-day surf extravaganza, relaunching tourism and uniting top Filipino surfers in Samar’s premiere contest.

Multimedia Arts Student Introduces Car-Booking App To Help Commuters And Drivers

Former Filipino multimedia arts student revolutionizes transportation with his self-made car-booking app, offering affordable fares and empowering drivers.

From Terrorism to Tourism: Davao Del Sur Town’s Captivating Caves Allure Visitors

From a rebel lair to a tourist destination, Matanao defies expectations with its spectacular cave congress and thriving tourism industry.

PH Gets Recognition As Asia’s Leading Dive Destination

The Philippines reigns supreme as Asia’s top dive destination for the 5th year in a row, showcasing its unmatched beauty and commitment to sustainable tourism.

Leyte Eyes To Develop Science Tourism This Year

Uncover the hidden gems of Leyte’s science and technology-themed tourist destinations, and embark on a unique journey of innovation and discovery!

Northern Samar Island Shares Preparation To Welcome Cruise Tourists

Explore the untouched beauty of Biri Island as the Australian cruise ship Coral Adventurer sets sail for an unforgettable adventure!

Negros Oriental Vows To Have Marine Life Protection, Promoting Ecotourism

Negros Oriental officials vow to protect the marine ecosystem amidst declining dolphin sightings, providing exciting initiatives underway to preserve rich biodiversity.

PH Introduces e-Visa Testing For Chinese Tourists In Shanghai

The Department of Foreign Affairs launched an e-visa system for Chinese tourists in Shanghai, promising a more convenient and efficient visa application process.