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Set your next Asian Adventure destinations at the World Travel Expo Philippines 2022


Set your next Asian Adventure destinations at the World Travel Expo Philippines 2022

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World Travel Expo Philippines 2022 has found a new home in Okada Manila.

So set your next Asian Adventure destination at the World Travel Expo Philippines 2022 as Okada Manila is the next venue to open doors. Check those bucket lists, and head to your next family or friends adventure with your loved ones.

Where great stories begin, Okada is the jewel of the entertainment city. With its 42 hectares of scenic oceanfront, you will definitely love this place from sunrise to sunset. Masterly crafted 5-star hotel, Okada Manila brings you the best hotel experience to offer.

The 6th World Travel Expo is happening on October 21 to 23 at Okada Manila from 10 am to 7 pm.

Stay, play, dine and relax – it’s all under one roof and there is that spacious parking space for you, your friends, and your family.

The 6th World Travel Expo, a long-time annual event sets foot in one of the most luxurious hotels, Okada Manila giving longing travelers the comfort of a five-star hotel that offers spacious free parking, shuttle rides to and from designated pick-up points, and all in one shopping and restaurant experience that you need not get out in one building, be it a superhot sunny or wet rainy day.

The 6th World Travel Expo has been offering the best destination packages for the top cities in Asia where travelers and tourists alike, can avail of one-time offers that will blow your mind away. Be sure that you’re ready to purchase all those offers since they will go away so fast that you will only regret not deciding on time.

Before going to the 6th World Travel Expo Philippines 2022, here’s a checklist that you will need to have before your next flight. In case you don’t have it, you can avail of them in the event.

  • PASSPORT -Your passport should not be 6 months near expiration when you have a travel plan or a wish list for a travel destination. Find out VISA FREE destination
  • CASH – As the saying goes, CASH is King. This is true since you will never know the congestion during the time you will be availing tickets. Bring just enough that you are willing to spend.
  • Credit cards – next to cash, credit cards would be the replacement. Make sure you have the credit line ready before going to this event
  • e-Wallets – like GCash, Maya has been gaining traction and have 5x more users than credit cards. Airlines, Hotels, and Transportation have honored e-payments
  • Travel plan – secure a travel plan from your travel agent. A tour guide can be the best relaxing and safe alternative, especially for first-timers. There will be a lot of tour packages ready for you. Check out also local festivities happening all year round for your travel destination so you will have a clearer idea of what you are going to see in the Country of choice.
  • Luggage – always have luggage with wheels especially if you will be running from one place to another. Anything rolling is better than something heavy on your back and hands.
  • Cameras – carry only the right gears you need. Enough batteries and sd cards for storing your pictures. A laptop may be an option to dump your photos but it may also cause inconvenience carrying them based on your travel plan.
  • Smartphones – having more than 1 smartphone is a plus but may also be hard to manage when you travel as this may attract unwanted people. Have a sling bag or pouch that you can easily hide and pull out your portable devices when needed.
  • Pocket WiFi – Now you can avail of pocket wifi with roaming services that you can apply before leaving the country. This will enable you to stay connected at fraction of the cost of availing it in the country you landed in. This will give you flexibility and more savings in the long run especially if you are staying longer.
  • Hotel – choose the hotel that will let you take rides easily. There is public transport like buses, and trains that are so fast and safe for tourists. Check out the comments or read third-party apps that collate travelers’ experiences. You can also check on your points gathered from previous trips that you may turn in and avail.
  • Transportation – in certain countries, ride-hailing apps are available. Having them updated and linked to your credit card or e-wallets will come hefty.
  • Comfy clothes – travel light as much as possible. Check on the weather and be watchful about the season you visit. You can also purchase some local clothing that would be appropriate for the occasion and the season.
  • Gadgets – having multiple fast charging stations can easily charge your smartphones and power banks. Just make sure to have an international adaptor that will work with any country
  • Backpack – aside from having trusty luggage, go outdoors with a backpack that has compartments so you can bring in extra shorts, a face towel, and a jug for your water since it is expensive to buy mineral water. Extra eco-bags can be handy when you shop!
  • Schedule wisely – there will be unforeseen incidents like traffic, rain, or even snow. Make sure to have some gaps with your tours especially if you are visiting churches, museums and going to watch shows
  • Airlines – if you travel light going out of the country, for sure you will travel heavy when you get home. It is cheaper to buy the bulk extra kilos you might need after some shopping.

Top ASIAN destinations

Here are the top ASIAN destinations that you might want to go to

  • Japan – Tokyo is the capital of Japan named the RISING SUN. But there are lots of cities in Japan that you can go to. Check out Nagoya, Hiroshima, Furukawa, and many more which are normally a train or bus away.
  • Singapore – Singapore is really a must-see where the MERLION is the city’s attraction. There are a lot of destinations you can go to within and outside the city as well.
  • China – the Great Wall is probably the only man-made tourist destination large enough you can see from the moon.
  • South Korea – is getting popular nowadays with Koreanovelas, but also the food that has influenced a lot of the restaurants blooming on every corner now. Let’s not forget they are also known for grooming the best of pop culture and a great following on them.
  • India – Mumbai, has the great colors and flavors one can just imagine.
  • Thailand – has been known for its museums and different religious spots that are open to all.
  • Malaysia – Formula1 racing, Petronas Tower, Batu caves, and Genting Highlands, are just some of the tourist spots you might want to go to
  • Indonesia – Bali, who would not hear of? One of the best beach, sand, and Sun destination
  • Vietnam – the bicycle city. Vietnam is known for great food and scenic landscapes and seascapes
  • The Philippines – with more than 7,000 islands, as the saying goes, IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! Don’t be an alien in your country. The Philippines has the most festivals and all-year-round celebrations of patron saints, Church, and socio-civic related activities that you can go to. Other than that, each region has its own best tourist spot attractions.

The 6th World Travel Expo is happening on October 21 to 23 at the Okada Manila crystal corridor. You can like and visit World Travel Expo Facebook page updates. You can also email to get updates.

Entrance Fee: P80

Register Online to get Entrance Ticket Discounts:

Gates will open from 10 am to 7 pm.

See you there, Mommshies!