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Season finale of the Viu Original series K-Love

Season finale of the Viu Original series K-Love

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MANILA, 1 Feb 2023 – K-Love is finally reaching its much-awaited season finale on Friday, February 3, 2023! Until then, you still have time to catch up on all the episodes for free, only on Viu. 

Last January 26, 2023, the Viu Original series held an exclusive viewing party of the season finale for media guests, influencers, and the cast and crew of K-Love at Nokal Manila. It was an exciting and emotional night filled with laughs, heartfelt moments, and a celebratory mood for the success of K-Love.

Starring sought-after actorsIza Calzado, Isabelle Daza, Sue Ramirez, Gabby Padilla, and Jake CuencaK-Love is a story about five urbanites as they live, love, make mistakes and confide in one another through laughter and heartaches. Their stories mirror a fans’ life with great admiration for Korean entertainment. K-Love illustrates the love of pinoys for K-Drama with the perfect mix of comedy and drama.

As we approach the season finale, we’ll finally get answers to the following questions:

  • Will Tish (Iza Calzado) be able to confess her feelings to Jay (Jake Cuenca)? Will she come out stronger amid all of the pressures she is experiencing?
  • Will Sheila (Isabelle Daza) be able to save the highschool reunion? Will she make peace with her highschool frenemies? Will Sheila and Tish rekindle their friendship? 
  • Will Jay (Jake Cuenca) be able to resolve his family issues? And will he be able to finally have a happy ending with Tish?
  • Will Val’s (Sue Ramirez) startup company truly thrive and suceed? 
  • Will Fran (Gabby Padilla) find her true voice in her literary pieces? 

And most importantly, will these five friends continue to meet up as the K-Squad for their usual K-Drama nights? 

Don’t miss out and watch the season finale on February 3, or catch up on all episodes for free only on Viu!